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Hacienda Encantada allows ownership with benefits and less stress than full ownership of a vacation home. Hacienda Encantada has many opportunities for ownership, from as little as a week or two to months, allowing members to come and go as much as they please without worry or doubt.

One of the most significant benefits of ownership is that dedicated and knowledgeable staff members are ready to assist you with your vacation needs. This service is beneficial, especially if the odd issue arises while you are at your vacation home away from home. They can also suggest fun-filled excursions and all types of activities that are available in the area.

Hacienda Encantada Allows Ownership With Benefits

So you have nothing to fear and can release all your traveling stress and enjoy another dream vacation once you are onsite. This type of stress and hassle-free vacationing is just one of the many reasons our ownership programs with Hacienda Encantada are so attractive and popular.

When buying a vacation home, one has to think about many issues. The first and most important question to ask yourself is, how long will I use it? Even if you are only planning on using it on weekends or for a few weeks here and there, purchasing a second home brings the owner the burden of constant upkeep and maintenance.

Not only can this be difficult to manage and time-consuming, but it can also become quite costly. When things break, or issues happen at a vacation home when no one is there, arranging for professional help can be burdensome. Many worst-case scenarios include problems that occur during holidays, as most service people will charge extra for emergency calls at these times.

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The next primary consideration for people considering the purchase of a vacation home is usually the security issue. What happens when you are not there? You could, of course, hire a caretaker, but that is yet again another expense that can be costly. And the caretaker may not be as reliable or responsible as you were hoping for when you hired them.

Add that to the fact that some countries, such as Canada, have begun levying an extra or double tax for non-resident owners of properties. Imagine having to pay double taxes for a property you will visit only a few times a year. Well, in some countries, you don’t have to imagine it, as these types of non-resident tax increases are happening more and more frequently, especially in the most popular vacation destinations.

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Hacienda Encantada Allows Ownership With Benefits

These are more than a few reasons why so many people have made the wiser choice to purchase vacation ownership at Hacienda Encantada. Each individual owns just the time they want to spend at our stunning resort each year. And rather than taking on the responsibility of maintaining your vacation home, the resort staff keeps your unit in the style and upscale luxury you and your family look forward to without any stress.

Also, if you choose to explore a different vacation destination, you can trade your time from one location to another. You may want to take the family on a ski trip one year instead of heading to the beach. Ownership packages at Hacienda Encantada allow options for trading your week to different luxury resorts in many other locations.

Not only does vacation ownership at Hacienda Encantada make sense from a security and peace-of-mind point of view, but you may also be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective it may be for you and your family.

Whenever you are in the Los Cabos area, feel free to check at our reception for more information about what type of residence is right for you and your family.

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