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Hacienda Encantada members are happier to return to Los Cabo and enjoy everything this luxury destination offers. The resort adopted new safety protocols in 2023 to protect the health and safety of both staff and guests and is still using the most enhanced standards available today. Hacienda Encantada members know they are safe at this award-winning resort.

The resort grounds are so expansive that members and their guests have many choices of areas to relax. This has become increasingly important to many guests as they prefer having spaces for themselves and their families without overcrowding. Unfortunately, many other resorts so much smaller in size do not afford their guests that luxury.

The beaches at  Los Barriles

One often overlooked benefit for Hacienda Encantada members is the many different areas to choose from when it comes time to relax outside your condo. You can have your family gather in many places, depending on your preference. Thanks mainly to its size and grandeur, Hacienda Encantada members are proud of the many accolades the resort has won in the last few years.

Hacienda Encantada Members Exploring the East Cape Area

As members and their guests come to visit, the staff can recommend a variety of day trips that allow you to sightsee yet remain safe and secure. Also, as visitors return and resume enjoying the famous Mexican hospitality, all that Los Cabos has to offer travelers is now available again.

Hacienda Encantada members know that taking trips up the coast when visiting Los Cabos on vacation is a favorite activity. Being in downtown Cabo San Lucas is one thing, but north of San Jose del Cabo is an entirely different scene.

Windsurfing in Los Barriles

Hacienda Encantada Members Exploring the East Cape Area

Two small towns are delightful to visit in this area: Buena Vista and Los Barilles. Los Barriles, whose name in English means “The Barrels,” is a small town with a population of around 1200 in the La Paz Municipality of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The village is about 65 kilometers north of San Jose del Cabo along Highway 1, about an hour’s drive. From the city of La Paz, the journey is about 105 kilometers south, so it will take you longer to get there from here.

Los Barriles is a beautiful mixture of old and new. While some establishments have been there for decades, new businesses are constantly growing. Home to many retirees, the town also brings in more younger visitors for its adventure sports, including ATVing, SCUBA diving, and fishing every year.

Dolphin smile in water in  Los Barriles

As representatives of Hacienda Encantada explain, Los Barriles has quickly become Baja’s windsurfing and kite surfing capital. These adrenaline-producing sports have become much more popular in the last few decades as more people discover these once-sleepy little towns.

Hacienda Encantada has always recommended day trips to Los Barriles, especially in the summertime, as it is one of the fishing hotspots.

Although there are usually a few morning clouds, the sun comes out, and there is always a breeze to keep you fresh. The seawater in this area in the summer is generally into the ’80s, which makes it great for fishing snappers, amberjacks, and dorado.

Also, as the waters get warmer, schools of tuna and dolphins come closer to the shore. Like they say throughout the Baja, even the worst day of fishing here is better than the best work day elsewhere. However, it sounds like a catchphrase. Those who have enjoyed a day of fishing in southern Baja know that it is a true statement.

SCUBA diving in  Los Barriles with Hacienda Encantada

But if fishing is not your thing, you can always enjoy getting into the water and snorkeling or SCUBA diving. Thanks to the many outcroppings of rock and reef, this is one of the best places close to Los Cabos to see an excellent variety of fish and other sea life. Hacienda Encantada also recommends this area if you are looking for a more personal experience, as you will be away from most of the crowds of Los Cabos.

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