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Top exclusive resort Cabo Hacienda Encantada Ownership is exceptionally proud to share that its various restaurants were awarded the Distinctive H award for meeting hygiene and food handling standards.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Top exclusive resort Cabo Hacienda Encantada is known for its excellence in a wide range of areas. From luxurious and extremely comfortable accommodations to a serene and family-oriented pool environment, and from breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez to a wide variety of dining options for members and guests to choose from, Hacienda Encantada truly has it all.

restaurant at Hacienda Encantada

There are many different delicious and incredible restaurants and bars at the top exclusive resort Cabo Hacienda Encantada. The list includes Las Marías, La Trajinera, El Patio, La Pergola, Los Riscos, and El Edén. These fine establishments serve a wide variety of culinary delights including traditional Mexican food, food from the grill, snacks, handcrafted drinks, and more. Many of the restaurants afford breathtaking views while diners enjoy some of the most delicious food that can be found in the Cabo San Lucas area.

Top exclusive resort Cabo Hacienda Encantada ownership is excited to share with its members and guests that its many restaurants on the resort’s premises have been awarded the Distinctive H. The program, conceived in 1990, was set up in order to ensure that proper food handling and cleanliness standards were upheld at food and beverage establishments across Mexico in order to reduce food-borne illnesses.

restaurant at Hacienda Encantada

Eighty percent of the operational staff and 100 perfect of the management staff must complete a vigorous training program that covers everything from cleaning to storing and thawing food and personal hygiene. To receive the award, food and drink establishments must have a 90 percent satisfaction rating in a variety of categories including the kitchen area, cooling and freezing, waste management, service area, water and ice, pest control and more. Each year, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health re-evaluates each establishment, as the Distinctive H award is only valid for one year.

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